**Please note, some purchases from the Volshop require a UT ID to receive educational pricing.


Welcome to the Volshop UTHSC's on campus Technology Store.  We sell academically discounted software to students, faculty, staff and departments.  VolTech is located in the VolShop in the Madison Building and is open 8am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday.  If you have any questions or need information about ordering from an on-campus location please contact us at hscvolshop@uthsc.edu.

Microsoft Office

If you have questions about what software is available through the Memphis campus, please contact Information Technology Services at [email protected].
Permanent copies or long term subscriptions of Office 365 for faculty, staff and students can be purchased at the Volshop

Adobe offers currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, and photography certificate at UT special discounts on Adobe software.  These download cards are available for purchase at the Volshop.

Creative Cloud 1 year subscriptions                                  $239 per year
65220762  Mac or Win

Creative Cloud Photography (1-yr subscription)               $119 per year

Acrobat Pro XI (perpetual license)                                     $119.00
65220769A  Mac
65220781   Win

Presenter (perpertual license)
65233272 Presenter Video Express (Mac)                         $29.00
65233273 Presenter 10 (Windows)                                   $49.00

Captivate (perpetual license)
65233275  Captivate 8 Win                                               $299.00
65233274  Captivate 8 Mac                                               $299.00

Photoshop Elements/ Premiere Elements (perpetual license)
65233276 Mac & Win                                                         $79.00

Note: this software is NOT RETURNABLE.  You must have a valid university ID  (or current photography certificate receipt) to activate this product.



If you have questions about what software is available through the Memphis campus, please contact Information Technology Services at [email protected]